11 studios have a development kit for a Nintendo 4K console

    It appears that speculations about a new Nintendo Switch aren’t going away anytime soon. According to new Bloomberg site information, a more powerful console may exist.

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    Employees from 11 game companies have confirmed to Bloomberg that they have a development kit for a Nintendo 4K system.

    Because the Nintendo Switch does not support such a resolution, it is unclear why a 4K kit does not exist, implying that we may see a new console or a more powerful version of the company’s hybrid platform.

    According to Bloomberg, the studios that have such a development kit span from huge publishers to small studios located all over the world and in various nations.

    The next iteration of the Switch will be OLED, with the upgraded screen being the main attraction. However, this new edition lacks a 4K resolution option while maintaining the same performance as the prior model.

    According to sources close to the situation, a Nintendo 4K system is not expected to join the market before the end of next year. The creators have only said that such a console does not now exist.

    When asked about it, Nintendo just told Bloomberg that the information was false.