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Gaming Videos - 25 de August, 2021

2K Games has announced the release of Marvel’s Midnight Suns




Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been announced by 2K Games, Fireaxis Games, and Marvel Games.

Shortly after the rumors around the announcement of a “XCOM of Marvel,” we were presented with the reveal of this tactical role-playing game at the Gamescom convention, which will be released in stores in March of 2022 and whose first teaser can be seen above.

The video for the game’s launch shows a new hero named The Hunter, who was created just for the game. It also suggests that you will be able to go to many locations well-known to the banda desenhada of Marvel.

The gameplay for Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be revealed on September 1st, and on that day you will have the opportunity to see what this mixture has in store for you when it launches on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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