500GB storage card could be on its way to Xbox Series X | S

    The Xbox Series X and S consoles were introduced over a year ago, and one of the new consoles' primary features is an extremely fast SSD. The Xbox Series X Storage | S may be expanded using a simple, but pricey, Seagate storage card, which costs US $220, depending on the retailer.

    Since the card’s release, Xbox fans have been screaming for a lower-cost alternative, and one website speculated that this may be on the way out soon. According to, a Seagate 500GB SSD option was discovered in retailer Innelec’s internal system. According to the list, it costs around 125 euros, which is about half the price of the 1TB version at the moment.

    Having a less expensive option accessible for the holidays may be a valuable source of revenue for Microsoft, making it a nice gift option. The expansion card would also arrive precisely in time for forthcoming blockbuster releases like Halo Infinite, Call of Duty: Vanguard, and Battlefield 2042, all of which would undoubtedly need a large amount of storage. Regardless, treat this as a rumor, especially as Microsoft has yet to confirm anything.

    The most economical way to increase Xbox Series X storage right now is by connecting an external SSD/HDD and copying games to the console’s internal storage, which is faster than downloading the full game.

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