A Competition mode for Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming later this year

    As part of an upcoming cooperation with the Reno Air Race, a competitive racing option will be added to Microsoft Flight Simulator later this fall.

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    Microsoft Flight Simulator will have several speedy jets you may use to race against your buddies. The plane race, which is loosely modeled on the Reno Air Races, which feature classes in six classes and takes place over many days.

    Flight Simulator is an all-around enjoyable flight simulator for aviation enthusiasts interested in flying to exotic destinations. Flight Simulator has a new mode coming out for more competitive gamers interested in doing more than sightseeing.

    Microsoft released further information on the Top Gun expansion that was shown at E3 2021, such as new characters, locations, and weapons. Despite the new DLC coinciding with the Top Gun: Maverick movie, the film’s contents are also a secret, and so too is the DLC.

    Flight Simulator is getting its first significant new feature since its debut on console. The PC version is phenomenal, and the Xbox Series X/S edition isn’t quite as good, but it’s still very incredible.