A new Atlus and Sega RPG will be announced at the Tokyo Game Show

    Sega has announced a new RPG for the Tokyo Game Show 2021, which will take place on October 1st. The following information was provided on the official TGS website:

    “We will give information on the most recent Sega and Atlus releases. We are also preparing to reveal Sega’s upcoming RPG.”

    So far, this new RPG is a surprise, and no one knows what it may be, but since it’s the Atlus e Sega, we can infer that it’s a new game in the Person franchise, being Person 6, and recalling that Persona 5 had its fifth anniversary yesterday.

    But it’s possible that it’s not Person 6, and that it’s a new game from the well-known title Sakura Wars, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. In any case, it’s best to wait until the event to obtain accurate information.