A new game in the Brothers in Arms franchise is in development, but it won’t be officially announced anytime soon.

    Fans of Brothers in Arms will be pleased to hear that Gearbox has stated that the company is working on a new game in the brand, though the title will not be publicly presented anytime soon, says Randy Pitchford,

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    According to Pitchford, the company will not formally disclose the game until it is almost “early.” Randy Pitchford makes a straightforward comparison with Borderlands 3, which was in its beta stage at the time of its announcement and was nearly playable and almost ready.

    Brothers in Arms was a popular first-person shooter franchise at the time. Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway was one of the franchise’s final titles, and we can’t forget the canceled Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 from 2011, which would have been a blend of Brothers in Arms and Borderlands.

    Source: Altchar