About Us

Gamingnovato is a gaming community website. Wilker Augusto, a videogame and graphic design enthusiast, founded the company.
There is an active community of members that regularly share their passion with other members of the community, or as we like to call them, our “NOVATOS.”

How does gamingnovato works?

In a very basic way. Within the platform, you may create your own community. It may be about whatever you choose, as long as you follow our rules.
In addition to images and videos, members publish news and other informative texts every day. You can follow, comment, and vote (with an Emoji:D) on the articles that most appeal to you. You may follow, comment, and vote on the articles that most appeal to you.

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Take a look at what you have to offer and start building your own online community. Instead, you may explore and join a variety of communities inside our community. See the complete list here.

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