Playstation News - 5 de September, 2021

According to the creator of God of War, Sony will launch a game that will have everyone raving

David Jaffe, the God of War developer, no longer works at Sony Interactive Entertainment, but he claims he has been informed by friends of several titles that will be shown at the PlayStation Showcase on September 9 and assures us that PlayStation Studios fans will be ecstatic.

Jaffe stated on Twitter that he already knows certain things that are confirmed for the Showcase and that no Sony studio fan should miss the event, but he specifically mentions a game that will send everyone into a frenzy. However, according to Jaffe, this game may not be presented in the showcase.

“Here’s a pointless message, but if you don’t say something, I’m going to explode,” Jaffe tweeted.

“I just heard about a new PlayStation game they’re working on. I’m not sure when it’ll be unveiled (maybe next week, maybe not), but you know when it is, everyone will go crazy. “

Jaffe remarked on Showcase on his YouTube channel, saying Sony would not fall short of expectations.

“I won’t tell you what I know will be on the PlayStation Showcase next week, but here’s what I can say. You’re looking forward to the usual amazing first-party PlayStation. “

“It will be of high quality, and I’m looking forward to seeing how people react to it.” I haven’t even seen the one I’m referring to yet, but I’m really happy and excited for everyone at Sony. “

Jaffe also stated that he does not know if the next God of War will be present at the event, thus the game he is referring to is most likely not Sony’s new Santa Monica title.

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