Ebba Ljungerud resigns as CEO of Paradox Interactive after a management failure

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    Ebba Ljungerud, the controversial CEO of Paradox Interactive, announced his departure today “due to divergent opinions on the company’s future direction,” according to Paradox. This happened after the firm recorded financial losses in revenue and earnings during the previous 18 months, which occurred under Ebba’s tenure as CEO, which lasted from 2018 until today.

    The CEO who transitioned from the casino industry to the video game business at Paradox Interactive has resigned, though she has promised to stay on for an indefinite duration “to facilitate a smooth transition.”

    Chairman Hkan Sjunnesson said, “Ebba has done a wonderful job as CEO of Paradox Interactive.”

    “Under her guidance, the company’s organization, player base, and game initiatives have all been developed and grown, laying a solid basis for future expansion. futures.”

    Ebba Ljungerud will be succeeded by Fredrik Wester, the company’s former CEO, who left in early 2018 and was replaced by, you guessed it, Ebba Ljungerud. Tencent purchased 5% of Paradox at the same time as the publisher was experiencing a problem (which is still ongoing).

    “Ebba and Paradox have a long history together. She served on our board for four years, and she and I collaborated on a variety of projects and issues during that time,” Wester stated in his own departure statement on the Paradox forums in 2018.

    “She’s also been the CCO of the Kindred Group for a few years, so her ability to run a growing firm the size of Paradox is a safe bet.”

    From the purchase of companies like Harebrained Schemes and the World of Darkness to the scandalous and contentious issue concerning the CEO’s intention to “exterminate toxic gamers” by banning anybody who questioned the company’s status in 2019, Ebba Ljungerud’s tenure has been eventful.

    Following that, we saw Paraxox embrace smartphone games (Android and iOS), as well as a dedication to the upcoming Victoria 3 (possibly Ebba’s lone saving grace during his stint as CEO). However, as previously stated, the executives’ marks were poor throughout the firm.

    From the ill-fated Empire of Sin to the indefinite postponement of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 due to the loss of its developer and the director of Imperator: Rome (a game shut down by Paradox in 2018) having to apologize for the current state of low-quality DLCs in Europa Universalis 4, it appears that nothing has gone right for the company recently (except for Crusader Kings 3).

    Ebba Ljungerud’s departure is the second senior executive departure from Paradox Interactive in less than a week. Daniel Goldberg, the former marketing director, announced his retirement on August 25, 2021. Although there appears to be no link between the two layoffs, Goldberg’s final day is this week.