Alan Wake Remastered to Support NVIDIA DLSS

    Alan Wake Remastered will be compatible with NVIDIA’s DLSS technology, which improves performance by up to 2x in 4K. In addition, the Game Ready Driver for Windows 11 is now available, providing technical support for eight forthcoming titles.

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    Alan Wake Remastered, which will be released on October 5th, will benefit from a performance boost of up to 2x in 4K owing to DLSS. With DLSS enabled in-game, all GeForce RTX cards can achieve 60 FPS at maximum settings at 4K.

    We must also consider the game’s price, which is significantly higher on the PlayStation version.

    Severed Steel, a first-person shooter released on September 17th for PC, now includes Ray Tacing and DLSS for the best gaming experience possible with a GeForce RTX.When the DLSS is enabled, the player’s performance more than doubles, allowing them to play with everything maxed out and Ray Tracing enabled.

    The number of titles supported by NVIDIA DLSS has surpassed 100:

    As more indie developers take advantage of the Unreal Engine 4 plugin’s features, the number of games that support DLSS continues to rise. NVIDIA has added 28 new games to the list of titles that are compatible with the technology today.

    The achievement is possible thanks to the official plugin, which allows DLSS to be rapidly and easily integrated into games. NVIDIA DLSS is supported by over 100 games and software applications.