Alcon Entertainment Announces A Blade Runner-based Tabletop RPG

    Blade Runner is increasingly entering the video game market (the last time we saw this was with the classic PC game of the same name released in 1997), and this time it’s getting an official tabletop RPG, thanks to a collaboration between Free League Publishing and Blade Runner’s IP owners, Alcon Entertainment.

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    The collaboration has ambitious aspirations for IP, with the long-term objective of creating a series of tabletop RPG games spanning the whole Blade Runner universe.

    If you’re not familiar with Free League Publishing, be assured that table play is in capable hands. The firm won eight ENNIE Awards in 2021, including Fan Favorite Publisher for the second year in a row.

    The company’s high-end games include ALIEN, Tales From the Loop, and Forbidden Lands.Hopefully, Blade Runner will be the next blockbuster title in his catalog.

    “It’s critical for us to truly convey the Blade Runner experience and concepts from all angles, including the city,” said Tomas Härenstam, Free League Publishing’s director of games.

    “One of the most intriguing characterizations in Blade Runner is Los Angeles itself, and we want LA to act and react differently based on its character, specialty, and routines.”

    “However, regardless of who you are, you are always, first and foremost, a Blade Runner, the ultimate outsider who must walk alone in a complex city and system where everyone might be a threat and no choice is taken without their commitments or consequences.”

    The tabletop RPG’s contents are still being worked out, but it appears that it will feature all of the same themes as the films, mainly corporate intrigue, existential drama, and morally ambiguous judgments, and push you to make difficult decisions in order to survive.

    “It’s easy to get caught up in the neon noodle spectacle and blaster fire of it all, but Blade Runner is an adaptable universe with many layers, and at its core has always been an evocative yet recognizable human story to me,” said Joe LeFavi, the project’s lead editor.

    “He’s never afraid, in classic noir manner, to challenge regular people to make remarkable decisions and sacrifices, and to genuinely delve into that wonderful dark moral grey.”

    “That’s why Blade Runner has had such a lasting impact on pop culture, not just for his iconic image of the future, but also for his themes and humanity’s ambition and perseverance, which are at the heart of science fiction at its best.”

    In the following months, we’ll hear more about Blade Runner’s tabletop RPG.