Technology News - 23 de August, 2021

An RTX 3090 owner discovers an old glove inside his $1500 graphics card

You have bought a brand new RTX 3090 Founders Edition GPU. You insert the card, boot up, and… wait, w hy is my pricey GPU running at 230°C?

The identical question was posed by antonyjeweet on Reddit.  He assumed something was wrong with the internals as GPUs shouldn’t go beyond 195°F/90°C.

It’s unusual, but it does happen. Recently, Igor’s Lab reported on an AMD Radeon 6700 XT that came with all the thermal pads still attached. Thermal pads are tiny pieces of plastic or tape that should be removed before shipping GPUs to consumers.

To his surprise, antonyjeweet discovered a finger glove hidden under the heat pads after pulling his GPU apart to replace them.

“I now understand why my memory temperatures sometimes easily reach 110 degrees Celsius very quickly. After 1.5 [hours] of stress testing, they maintain their maximum temperature of 86 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the core temperature fell by 10 degrees Celsius (from 75 to +/-65 degrees Celsius following stress testing),” the researchers said.

“At first, Nvidia informed me that I had lost my warranty. However, after viewing this, they stated that they would provide you with a warranty (got that on mail). There will be no exchange or anything like that. If everything is working well, keep it; if not, call us and we will solve it,” the user from the Netherlands said.

If you’re asking how anything like this could ever happen, the actual reason is that there is a worldwide chip shortage. Customers are often unconcerned about the hows and whys of supply chain management, preferring instead to ensure that they receive their flash new consoles, CPUs, GPUs, and everything else as quickly as possible. The combination of intense pressure and overwhelming demand frequently results in devastating working conditions for individuals who operate on the factory floor. Some 150,000 employees live at one plant in Vietnam that is a component of the Samsung and Apple supply chains, while another large semiconductor firm in Taiwan drove some migrants back into shared housing despite the strength of the country’s COVID wave.

On the plus side, everything turned out well in this particular situation. However, it serves as a warning to everyone that high-end consumer technology does not always perform as claimed. If you’re going to shell out thousands of dollars for real-time ray-tracing and all of the bells and whistles at 4K, you may as well spend a little additional time making sure everything is working as smoothly as possible.

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