Arkane director had his producers play Dark Souls 3 during DeathLoop pre-production

    Dinga Bakaba, ArkaneStudios’ game director, had his workers play many games before beginning creation on DeathLoop. According to one of Arkane’s producers, Julien Eveillé, the crew spent roughly three weeks a day testing with titles such as Ghost Recon Wildlands, The Division, Homefront : Revolution, Destiny 2, and even Dark Souls 3.

    Since its inception, the Souls series has sparked controversy, and Dark Souls 3 is no exception. The primary criticism of gamers has always been that it is an extremely tough game with no option to lower the difficulty, which has led to many players giving up in order to continue playing.

    The director remembers a level designer producer who didn’t like the idea of being forced to play Dark Souls.

    However, Dinga tells the complainant that he was spared from playing (suffering) and that after only watching his coworkers play Dark Souls 3, the level designer producer returned with high praise for the Dark Souls 3 creator.

    DeathLoop contains invasions that are nearly identical to Dark Souls, and some players claim that DL manages to improve the system developed by FromSoftware to become one of the game’s most intriguing parts.

    Is there anything else in DeathLoop that reminds you of Dark Souls 3?