Playstation News - 11 de September, 2021

Art director responsible for the blood scenes in TLOU Part II is working on Wolverine

John Sweeney, who worked as the art director on The Last of Us Part II, particularly on sequences featuring blood, including Joel’s, joined Insomniac Games in January 2021…

Until then, people assumed they were working on something in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which seemed strange given the nature of their most recent work, but with Wolverine’s announcement, it appears that the pieces have now fallen into place and we know his true purpose in Insomniac Games; work on scenes involving blood as realistically as possible in Wolverine.

This might be an indication that they want to make a game that is brutal and gruesome enough to need a dedicated art director, like The Last of Us Part II did.

Wolverine was introduced to us during the PlayStation Showcase and little by little we learn more information about the title.

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