At just 1 hour and 30 minutes, Venom 2 will be the shortest comic book ever produced.

    That's it. Andy Serkis (who also directed Mogli: Between Two Worlds) not only announced that the film will be 1 hour and 30 minutes long (22 minutes less than the first), but also explained why.

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    According to Serkis, the choice to shorten the scene was made from the beginning; however, this is not the case when the film’s timing is shortened in the middle of production, resulting in extreme cuts, as was the case with ‘A Liga da Justice.’

    The director stated that the Venom 2 crew wanted to make a fast-paced action film without wasting too much time on sausage filling. Serkis feels that they eventually found the appropriate blend of quiet moments and furious combat.

    In fact, Venom 2 was originally intended to be a little shorter. We always wanted this film to be a fast-paced, emotional roller coaster. A film that isn’t scared to be vulnerable. I believe we’ve struck the proper balance so that you can sense all of the characters without feeling as if they’ve all vanished.

    Serkis goes on to say that because they needed to introduce the character Carnage in the sequel, they opted not to postpone this crucial story element. The filmmaker, however, underlines that Eddie Brock’s bond with the symbiote remains central to the story.

    In the United States, Venom: Time of Carnage (aka Venom 2) hits theaters in the United States on October 1.