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Gaming Videos - 14 de September, 2021

Back 4 Blood receives new trailer, focusing on its campaign




A new trailer for Back 4 Blood, developed by Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios, was published today. It showcases the narrative components that will guide players through the campaign. They are inspired by their brave leader, known as “Mother,” who is accustomed to defying authority and has never shied away from a challenge.

The Sentinels are humanity’s only hope in the struggle against Hellworm-infested undead. Humanity is on the verge of extinction due to the hordes of Infected that now roam the world, and only the Sentinels can stop the waves of the Infected and gather those who desire to fight and reclaim what was once theirs.

Back 4 Blood is a first-person co-op game from the developers of the critically renowned franchise Left 4 Dead. It has a dynamic, thrilling, highly changeable, and adjustable replay value that keeps players engaged. Back 4 Blood’s narrative takes place after a cataclysmic epidemic in which the majority of mankind has been murdered or infected by the worm of hell.

Empowered by horrific events and emboldened to battle the apocalypse, a group of apocalypse veterans known as the Sentinels united to face the frightening Infected and rescue the planet.

Back 4 Blood will be available for the Xbox Game Pass on platforms Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on October 12, 2021, as well as Windows 10 for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.Pre-ordering the digital edition will get you a free Elite Fort Hope weapon skin set.

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