Game News - 19 de August, 2021

Biomutant has sold one million copies, and within a week, recouped its development costs

A million copies have been sold for Biomutant, the open-world RPG from Experiment 101, and the game’s development expenditures have been recouped inside the game’s first week.

A separate Embracer Group subsidiary, Biomutant, was verified to have been a significant contribution to the sales and revenue produced in the quarter.

Biomutant has been proven to be a success, according to Embracer Group’s analysis. Biomutant was Experiment 101’s major revenue generator in the quarter. “To date, more than one million copies of the game have been sold. It took just a week to earn back the whole investment in development and promotion and also to purchase Experiment 101 and the IP “said Embracer Group.

To embrace the year-over-year growth which is supported by a robust portfolio of back-catalog releases and new releases, the company states that it is happy with its organic year-over-year growth. In all, net sales and operating EBIT surpassed corporate forecasts in the first quarter. Biomutant’s success was complemented by the fact that Easybrain and Gearbox had also been introduced to the market.

Despite Biomutant’s commercial success, the game was plagued by several technical difficulties that varied from low-quality graphics to inconsistent frame rates on both PlayStation and Xbox. Following community input, Experiment 101 made several changes in response to the feedback, and has further refined several parts of the game based on that feedback over time. Aside from fixing different bugs and making other modifications, the developer has made several more changes, including updates to combat, loot variety, the user interface, missions, and even the game’s narrator. As of June 2018, the newest patch notes for Biomutant were published on Twitter by the developer.

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