PC Gaming News - 4 de September, 2021

Blizzard Entertainment confirms use of “an early version” of Overwatch 2 in Overwatch League 2022

Overwatch, the great shaper of cartoonish and colorful games, was the third most successful new IP in the whole gaming business in the 8th Generation, and its sequel, Overwatch 2, has yet to be released. According to certain journalists and insiders, it will come around 2022, so it may not be that far away.

Concerning the game, Blizzard Entertainment has stated that the franchise’s next foray into the competitive environment of the Overwatch League will commence in April of next year. The season will also be played with an “early version” of Overwatch 2.

Spector’s statement follows last month’s speculation regarding an Overwatch League suspension until the release of an Overwatch 2 edition. Last month, Spector termed the hiatus part “inaccurate.” However, Overwatch 2’s involvement in the leak was correct.

An Overwatch League spokesperson confirmed to Kotaku that the fifth season of the Overwatch League will be played in an “early version” of Overwatch 2. Playing the new edition of Overwatch will undoubtedly have numerous ramifications for competitive players, as the game transitions from a 6v6 to a 5v5 structure.

While the new version is a significant shift for players, there are many more significant and less favorable changes occurring elsewhere in Overwatch. After the departure of Diablo IV’s design director, the character’s namesake, Blizzard, is rebranding popular cowboy Jesse McCree.

Former developer Jesse McCree recently left Activision Blizzard’s Team 3 studio (along with many other employees) in the midst of the State of California’s lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, which alleges sexual harassment and workplace discrimination abuses in every company over the last ten years.

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