Bluepoint Games may be working on Bloodborne 2

    Since Bluepoint Games was acquired by Sony and is now part of the PlayStation family, it has been reported that the company is working on a new game, which might be something unique to the developer.

    Following that, various reports have circulated the internet, the most current of which suggests that Bluepoint Games is working on Bloodborne 2. Colin Moriarty shared this information on Twitter. He simply states that Bluepoint Games may be planning a trip to Yharnam. For those who are unaware, Yharnam is the setting for Bloodborne.

    Of course, this may also be a reference to a rumored remaster of the original game. Bluepoint Games just updated their website with the following excerpt, lending credence to the rumor.

    “Bluepoint created a story with the highest quality remasterizations and remakes in the industry, but it isn’t enough for us. Our most recent project is the largest in our history and aims to define the visual reference for the next generation of gaming technology.”

    In any case, this is merely a rumor, but if true, it will be fantastic news for Bloodborne 2 fans.