Nintendo News - 29 de August, 2021

Bravely Default 2 Is nearing One million units sold on the Nintendo Switch

Bravely Default II is now on course to become the series’ best-selling title. According to Square Enix’s public relations department, the February 2021 release has already surpassed 950,000 units sold globally.

While this may not seem like much in comparison to some other Nintendo Switch releases, it is a significant milestone for Square Enix’s classic-style JRPG series. The original Nintendo 3DS sold just more than one million sales, and Bravely Default II is now on course to surpass that figure in less than a year.

It’s likely only a matter of time, especially given Square Enix’s recent announcement that Bravely Default II will be available on Steam next week. This may help boost the game’s sales on Nintendo’s hybrid platform and, perhaps, result in more entries in the series and even re-releases of earlier titles.

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