Bungie Confirms Expansion of Destiny’s Universe to TV Series, Film, Books and Comics

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    As early as 2020, the Bungie team hinted at the possibility of creating a series of Destiny-themed movies and TV shows.

    These possibilities, however, have now been realistically proven. Bungie announced this in a job posting for a “Senior Executive, Development (Movie, TV Series, Transmedia).” The open job is intended for an ambitious Destiny IP “Guardian” who can work with numerous third-party partners to guarantee the series’ iconography remains consistent.

    Bungie’s new professional will be in charge of overseeing the production of specialized cross-media work for the brand, with a Destiny Universe CCO as the primary point of contact. The team specifically cites movies, TV shows, novels, and comics, but also “audio forms” in the job description, most likely referring to audiobooks.

    At the moment, Bungie hasn’t provided any specifics on Destiny’s new transmedia frontier, but it could be similar to what the company did with Halo between 2002 and 2010, with the franchise winning two book trilogies, one anime, a short film, and almost an entire movie in theaters, which was in charge of 20th Century Fox and Peter Jackson, but ended up being cancelled.