Xbox News - 12 de September, 2021

Bungie developer reacts on Redfall’s recently released gameplay footage

As previously reported, the first pictures of Redfall were released today, prompting several people to criticize the game’s aesthetics. As everyone is aware, this leak occurred illegally and does not represent the final product.

In this regard, Kevin Yanes, a Bungie employee, took to social media to support Arkane Studios’ next game. As Kevin points out, the leak included footage of a “Pre-Alpha” version. He even uploaded a screenshot of Destiny to demonstrate what the game looked like at the time.

I’ve seen several posts criticizing Redfall’s alleged pre-alpha picture leaks. This is frustrating since games have a bad reputation for being visually appealing (FOR A LONG TIME). A flashback to when Destiny was in a similar situation!(This information was gleaned from a publicly available film.)

In 2022, Redfall will be released exclusively for Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10.

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