Game News - 24 de August, 2021

Capcom is teasing a possible release date for Resident Evil 4 Remake

Capcom has been investing heavily in Resident Evil Remakes in recent years, with Resident Evil 2 Remake being well received by players. A short time later, Resident Evil 3 Remake was released, and the game was not well received by players, as it received numerous cuts to its content, resulting in Resident Evil 3 Remake being a very short game.

Now, the most anticipated remake among fans is Resident Evil 4, which appears to be on its way following a rumored Capcom announcement on the Resident Evil official Twitter account. We have the following in our publication:

This quote may be found in a diary in the first Resident Evil: Revelations:

No one knows exactly what this Capcom publication is about, but many are speculating that Resident Evil 4 Remake may be officially announced at Gamescom 2021, which begins on August 25th. But it’s worth noting that this might just be a Capcom prank and nothing will be revealed, so don’t get your hopes up.

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