CD Projekt RED suggests working on an Open World CRPG

    Formed in Poland, CD Projekt RED has battled for many years to develop its own identity in the business, with their main studio model influence being Rockstar Games, the well-known makers of Grand Theft Auto.

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    This ambition was dashed when Cyberpunk 2077 reached the market, and despite great early sales, it created a billion dollar loss for the studio, which is currently involved in four lawsuits and undergoing a full reorganization of how it will function in the future.

    CD Projekt RED will approach generating high-budget games using a team model beginning in 2022, rather than building just one major AAA title at a time. This means that the company is working on many high-budget projects at the same time, such as The Witcher 4 and another CD Projekt RED AAA being created simultaneously and leveraging one another’s resources.

    We won’t know whether such a revamp will work until the future, but the studio doesn’t want to waste time reporting that it’s working on multiple projects at the same time in the future, including DLCs for Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3: Enhanced Edition, content for Gwent, an all-new AAA game, The Witcher: Monster Slayer, and Cyberpunk Online.

    According to the studio’s postings, this new development ethic appears to have given birth to yet another project: a new open-world CRPG. CRPGs (Computer RPGs) are low-budget games with more complex worlds and systems, as seen by titles such as Divinity: Original Sin, Baldur’s Gate, and Pillars of Eternity.

    We don’t know if this project is a CRPG spin-off of The Witcher or Cyberunk, or even a Nova IP in that genre, so we’ll have to wait till CD Projekt RED is ready to announce the game.