Check out 7 minutes of gameplay for Alan Wake Remastered

    Alan Wake was recently unveiled; it is a remastered edition of the iconic game by Remedy Entertainment, which was launched in 2010 only for PC and Xbox, and is now available on additional platforms.

    The official IGN YouTube account has now posted a new video, showcasing 7 minutes of playtime for Alan Wake Remastered, for those who were curious to watch a demo of the Remastered version. The video depicts the game’s introduction, following a car accident.

    Alan Wake Remastered’s graphics will be improved in various ways, including support for 4K 60 FPS resolution, improvements in texturing, lighting, and shadows, and even upgrades to the characters’ facial models. A new video was recently posted to the Xbox channel, comparing Alan Wake Remastered on Xbox Series X against the original game on Xbox 360.

    About the game:

    Alan Wake is a psychological thriller in which the player takes control of a horror story writer who relocates to the city of Bright Falls following the loss of his beloved.

    Alan returns to writing, this time a book about his dreams, in an attempt to repair his life. Isolated, he begins to suspect that his words are manifesting in real life, bringing the same forces that plague him in his dreams into our plane. Bright Falls will soon be overrun by horrible animals, and the writer will be the only one who can fix the problem.

    Alan Wake Remastered will be released on October 5th for PC via the Epic Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.