Game News - 9 de September, 2021

China forces big game makers to delete images of “effeminate” characters from their products

According to Ndtv, China has ordered major game makers to remove the image of “effeminate” characters from their games. According to the report, Chinese officials met with Tencent and NetEase to explore more sector regulations.

The Chinese authorities’ major goal now is to “remove” any “effeminate” information from the games in which they talked about “soft” masculine pictures, allegedly expressing a “abnormal aesthetic.”

According to Geng Song of the University of Hong Kong, “feminine men are physically weak and emotionally frail,” and thus will not be able to “defend the nation,” thus such an image should not be pushed in games.

A paper also stated that “less and aggressive content, as well as those attitudes injurious to health, such as money worship and effeminacy, must be deleted.” Companies that violate the regulations will face penalties, officials have warned.

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