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Gaming Videos - 23 de August, 2021

‘Clown in a House’ is a psychological thriller that seeks to uncover one’s own identity in an eerie home




Clown In a House invites you to explore a strange house while assisting the clown in discovering the purpose of its own existence.

This clown finds himself in an unusual situation. In this type of environment, every door and item appears to conceal some kind of cryptic riddle that must be solved in order to progress. At the very least, the objects all have creative explanations that will help you figure out what to do next. Still, you have more pressing concerns than just determining which door this or that key will unlock. You’re a clown who’s attempting to figure out why you’re here, and what your very presence means to the world. As a result of the large number of possible outcomes (over twenty distinct outcomes), there are a large number of potential solutions to discover during your research.

It’s possible that you’ll learn something about the creative process and the connections you may create with your creations while trying to figure out why the clown exists. The game, which at first glance appeared to be a horror title (what with the terrifying clowns and all), is more concerned with encouraging the player to think on their own life and the moments when they’ve created something out of their ideas instead. It goes into the various difficult sentiments that might arise as an artist in the course of your work, and it can be a hard read in certain parts because of this. However, there are SOME scary portions, so you aren’t entirely off the hook when it comes to clown horror films.

In Clown in a House, we take a serious look at our relationships with the things we make. It is possible that this film will resonate with you and your own works that are languishing someplace, forgotten or out there somewhere lost.

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