Co-creator of Halo reveals he is making important decisions about the future of his career in the gaming industry

    Marcus Lehto, the father/creator of Master Chief and one of the most respected directors in the FPS market, has been in the game industry for a long time, even before assisting in the creation of Halo. With no current studio or announced game in development, it appears that the author’s next chapter will be one that garners attention.

    Lehto was a Halo co-creator best known for designing Master Chief and serving as the creative director of Halo: Reach. Lehto also worked for Bungie in a variety of capacities during the first Destiny, from art director to co-director of the critically acclaimed 2014 game.

    Following the game’s successful debut, Lehto left Bungie to form his own studio, V1 Interactive, which eventually developed Disintegration, a hybrid first-person shooter real-time strategy game that did not sell well.

    The multiplayer online game lasted a few months before shutting down its servers, leading to the closure of V1 Interactive earlier this year. Having said that, Lehto is probably still attempting to recover from what happened with Disintegration and V1 Interactive.

    Lehto indicated on Twitter that major career decisions would be made this week. He writes:

    The message expresses Marcus Lehto’s motivation and the significance of his decision in his life. With V1 Interactive gone, Lehto can only go up from here.

    Many admirers and coworkers commented on Lehto’s post, and he answered many of them. In a chat, he states, “I’m not going to retire,” followed by a smiley-faced emoji, that he is not leaving the gaming industry.

    Another response references to the Halo slogan: “From the beginning, we knew the conclusion,” to which Lehto responds, “I hope it’s not too terrible!” He also states that this is not 343 Industries, despite the fact that he “always has a deep connection to Halo regardless of what.”

    Whatever decision Lehto makes, it’s evident that he has a large community of people rooting for him to succeed. We’ll have to wait a few months to find out what the former director of one of the largest gaming franchises of the 2000s plans to do next.