Content Policy

  1. What do you want to know?

    What is gamingnovato?

    Gamingnovato is a community dedicated to sharing content relevant to gamers. The community is mainly led by its members. Also known as “Novatos”. You may submit several news items and everyone can reply with comments and reactions (likes through our activity page). New members like you provide all the content and decide by voting what is good and what is bad.

    Explaining the rules of use

    Gamingnovato has a large network of groups that are created and maintained by our members.

    You are free to publish, comment, vote, discuss, learn, argue, advocate, support, and connect with others who share your interests because we want you to turn your gamingnovato into your new home.

    Although not all groups or content are the best for you, it doesn’t mean you should disrespect those who made them or are a part of them.

    Groups and content shared here should help create unity in who visits and in members themselves, rather than the opposite.

    Regardless of the user’s skill level, all gamingnovato members should have an expectation of privacy and security, and thus respect the privacy and security of others.

    Every group and sharing on the gamingnovato is defined by its members. Some of these users help manage the content, alongside their moderators and administrators.

    The culture of each community is explicitly molded by the rules and norms that the moderators establish, as well as implicitly through discussions among the members of the community.

    Follow the rules of the groups and news in which you participate, and do not interfere with those of which you are not a member.

    Below you can find the rules that govern each group and shared news stories. These are the rules that apply to everyone on the gamingnovato platform.

    These rules are enforced by us, the administrators.

    For someone who’s just starting out, it is only useful if we work together and obey the rules. Please allow us to request that you adhere to these rules, but also help to maintain the unity of the groups‘ founding members and moderators.


    Remember that we are all human beings here. Gamingnovato is a place to form groups, share news, and feel at home; it is not a place to attack marginalized or vulnerable groups. Everyone has the right to use gamingnovato without experiencing any kind of harassment, intimidation, or threats of violence. Groups or members that instigate violence or promote hatred because of their identity or vulnerability will be removed without prior notice.

    Treat group rules with respect. Public content true to life in groups or on our main site, where you have a personal interest, and do not deceive or get involved in content manipulation (including spammers, likes manipulators, or gamingnovato groups).

    Honor the privacy of members. Instigating sexual harassment, for example, revealing personal or confidential information about someone, is not permitted. Never publish or threaten to post someone’s intimate or sexual media content, whether it’s with or without their consent.

    Don’t publish or promote content of a sexual or suggestive nature involving minors.

    You don’t have to use your real name to use gamingnovato. Make it seem like an individual or entity though.

    You guarantee that people will have pre-planned gaming experiences, properly labeling the content and groups in which they participate, especially graphics and sexually explicit content.

    Avoid content that is illegal or requests or assists in illegal or prohibited transactions.

    Don’t interrupt the site, and don’t do anything that interferes with normal use of gamingnovato.

    Failure to enforce rules

    We have many ways to ensure that our rules are followed:

    Kindly requesting that you stop it;
    Temporary or permanent suspension of accounts;
    Removing privileges or adding restrictions to accounts;
    Adding restrictions to gamingnovato groups;
    Banishment of gamingnovato groups.