Contraband has been in development since 2018, points out curriculum

    Contraband, Avalanche Studios' Xbox ecosystem exclusive, has been in development since 2018. This is disclosed by a résumé of a game animator discovered by the ever-vigilant Timur222, who is notorious for discovering papers linked to the gaming business.

    Contraband, which was officially unveiled with an official trailer at E3 2021, has already been in production for three years, with the studio working on the project since 2018.

    Contraband, despite being in development for a long time, has only received a simple teaser, shown by Microsoft last June, which doesn’t actually reveal anything about the game’s gameplay, but perhaps the project has particular ambitions, with some people connected to the brand saying he would have strong GTA inspirations.

    In terms of a probable release date, Jeff Grubb stated that Contraband, Avowed, Fable, and Perfect Dark will not be available until 2023.

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