Cory Barlog says ending the Norse saga in two God of War games was the right decision

    Typically, three games are created when developing a one-game franchise, like in the case of the previous franchise game, God of War, which had three main episodes of the saga, and the same was expected with the new saga of God of War, which now takes place in the Nordic realm.

    But, as previously said, this is not going to happen, and God of War Ragnarok will be the final game in this story, serving to bring this universe to an end. Cory Barlog recently gave an interview where he talked a little about it and said that ending the saga in two games was the right decision because developing God of War is not easy. A game takes between 4 and 5 years to be ready, so if the Nordic saga has three games, it will take about 15 years to be ready, which is a long time. Also speaking in the interview was Eric Williams, who is now the director of God of War Ragnarok.

    Cory Barlog states in the interview:

    Cory Barlog states in the interview: The second game, I’m not sure how long it’ll run, but I’ll just say it’ll take almost as long, so if you think wow, a third game, we’re talking about a period of approximately 15 years of a single story. And I have the impression that this is a really difficult situation. I feel like we’re asking too much when we remark that the actual completion of this narrative is taking so long and appears to be a lot of work. And, given where the team was and where Eric was with his plans, I reasoned, because a big part of what we were attempting to accomplish from the start was build a story about Kratos and Atreus.”

    Finally, Williams stated that the studio was aware of the need for more diversity in enemies in God of War 2018, but was unable to meet this need due to time limitations. However, based on what has been seen, it appears that God of War Ragnarok will have a far wider range of enemies.

    God of War Ragnarok will be published in 2022 on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.