Crystal Dynamics opens more than 30 new job openings for the development of Perfect Dark and its next AAA

    Crystal Dynamics has a new round of senior additions after an extended period of not making growth moves. That announcement comes just days after the studio confirmed that they would co-develop the next Perfect Dark, as well as losing several of their directors to Naughty Dog (Shaun Escayg) and The Initiative (Remi Lacoste).

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    According to the studio’s official channels and website, Crystal Dynamics opened more than 30 job positions last Saturday, September 25, between its facilities in Redwood City, Washington, and Austin, as well as subsidiaries Crystal Northwest and Crystal Southwest.

    Top jobs at the Northwest studio are geared toward seeking designers and writers to work on the firm’s “next big project in the Tomb Raider franchise.” As you may know, Crystal Dynamics announced earlier this year that a new title in the Lara Croft brand was in the works, with the project planned to cover the tales of both the Original Trilogy and the Reboot Trilogy.

    Crystal Dynamics, based in Redwood City, is looking for Unreal Engine professionals who understand action and adventure games with strong dynamics between gameplay and first-person cinematics, hinting that this is Perfect Dark, a project that will be distributed by Xbox Game Studios.

    A few positions were aimed at him at Crystal Southwest, a studio formed in 2021 by Square Enix Europe, with the few informing the quest for an experienced Games-as-a-Service to work on Marvel’s Avengers material.

    Crystal Dynamics informed us a few months ago to keep a watch out for Tomb Raider franchise anniversary news, with gamers speculating that Tomb Raider: Underworld DLCs, which were formerly limited to Xbox 360, would be coming to PC and Xbox Series X|S. We’ll be watching to see what the studio unveils in the following days.