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Cyberpunk 2077’s greatest post-launch patch so far contains free DLC and batch of bonus downloadable content.

The next third major update for Cyberpunk 2077, which CD Projekt is referring to as the “largest patch to date,” is coming out soon, and today they revealed information on all of its features, including a new in-game minimap and the game’s first selection of free downloadable content.

Just before to the release of Cyberpunk, CD Projekt engaged player interest by providing generous free downloadable content following the game’s debut. Unfortunately, the extra material was put on wait as the developer attempted to correct the litany of flaws, which was quite widespread, and to make the game less stigmatized for the highly reviled last-gen console version. While this upgrade can take streaming and memory management to the next level, streamers can begin to strive to offer the features in future updates.

So, the DLC that is available as part of Cyberpunk 2077’s DLC plan so far consists of free ‘small cosmetic enhancements.’ There are two additional jackets in addition to the Quartz Bandit: a red and sparkly jacket and a grey and yellow jacket with a fur collar. Upon reaching specific milestones in the game, you’ll get vehicle and jacket prizes; CD Projekt claims future DLC drops will be integrated in this way, with the ultimate goal of making the environment feel more vibrant.

1.3’s last DLC feature is an alternate style for Johnny Silverhand — an appearance that can be toggled on via the settings menu — that is defined by a mix of bare chest, dinner jacket, and sweeping haircut.

The CD Projekt 1.3 patch notes provide worthwhile updates for anyone seeking for more substantial changes. The enhanced minimap is great, since it allows for easier navigation while driving. Players will be most interested in hearing about the new features, though, which in this case include the ability to reset and reallocate perk points from the skill tree.

AOL Games has quoted CD Project saying that the team is focused on making changes across all platforms that have a bigger impact, resulting in better performance and greater stability on last-gen consoles and lower-end machines. These improvements also include adding upgradeable crafting components, an updated Database system for Journal entries, more save slots, and less frequent messages from Fixers trying to sell V cars. Nibbles will find it much easier to curl up on all the new beds in V’s flat.

Although patch 1.3 will not make Cyberpunk 2077 into a dramatically new game, it will hopefully mean the game is in a considerably better position upon its release. The 1.3 update has no specific release date, although CD Projekt claims that it will be released “very soon” on all platforms.

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