David Jaffe reveals that the first God of War was originally to be in first person

    God of War has been one of Sony and PlayStation's most successful and adored series since its initial release in 2005, with the third-person action-adventure game generating several sequels, including the anticipated God of War: Ragnarok.

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    However, while the series’ cinematic gameplay style and camera angles have become well known, the original game’s director David Jaffe has recently disclosed that the development team explored making God of War a first-person experience at one time.

    This curiosity was revealed by himself on his YouTube channel in a recent video commenting on it, in which he speculated for months about the game being in first person.

    According to Jaffe:

    At the time, I was playing Maken X on the Dreamcast, which was a first-person game with fantastic melee action, even from a first-person perspective, so how about trying something new and making God of War in first person? But, in the end, that didn’t work out, and we now have third-person games.”

    He also states that one of the reasons he chose to leave God of War in third person was because of the excellent gameplay. Ico and Devil May Cry. Devil May Cry is one of the top games in terms of third-person hack and slash gameplay.

    It’s worth noting that Kratos fights Zeus in first person in God of War III.

    Even still, it would be really interesting to have a God of War game in first person; if this happened in the past, would the franchise be as well-known as it is today?