Death Stranding Director’s Cut features a new Easter Egg from PT Silent Hills

    The latest edition of Hideo Kojima's iconic game, Death Stranding Directors Cut, is now available exclusively for the PlayStation 5. This release includes new tasks for players, as well as various new features, in addition to several enhancements for the new Sony system and taking full advantage of it.

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    Normally, Hideo Kojima’s games feature Easter Eggs and really unusual curiosities; for example, in Death Stranding, while you’re in Sam’s room, various strange “things” happen, and now a new Easter Egg from PT Silent Hills in Death Stranding Director’s Cut.

    As previously stated, when Sam is in his room, a variety of strange “things” occur, particularly when the character is asleep and having disturbing nightmares. One of these new horrors contains a well-known character who appeared in Kojima’s PT Silent Hills demo, which was regrettably cancelled.

    As we can see in the video, this “creature” looks a lot like Lisa, the crazy woman from PT Silent Hills, and the sounds, in addition to the fantastic animations, are very familiar. The creature is also reminiscent of Psycho Mantis, but in the end, players notice something, and everything indicates that this creature is Hideo Kojima himself. If you leave the video at 0.25 speed at the exact moment of the Jump Scare, you can see that the creature wears glasses and even has hair that looks a little like Kojima’s.

    Death Stranding Director’s Cut is now available for PS5.