Deltarune Chapter 2 will be released for free on September 17th for PC and Mac

    Toby Fox and the Undertale/Deltarune development team hosted a live stream yesterday to commemorate Undertale's sixth anniversary. Following the conclusion of the live, a short teaser was released, indicating the date of the second chapter of Deltarune, which will be released tomorrow, September 17th. The game, like Chapter 1, will be free for PC and Mac users.

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    For the time being, the developer has not revealed when the second chapter will be released on consoles.

    About the game:

    Deltarune, like Undertale, is an electronic RPG with a top-down view. In the first chapter, the player plays Kris, a human, and Susie, a classmate, who fall from Earth into a realm called “Dark Universe,” where they meet Ralsei, who informs them that they are heroes destined to restore balance to the world.

    Combat is similar to that of conventional turn-based RPG games in that you select from a menu of options such as “Attack” or “Save.” Although the game’s implicit goal is to avoid fights and save monsters, this becomes difficult because Susie, who is not initially controlled by the player, prefers to attack enemies rather than spare them, so the player must also determine actions to prevent Susie from harming enemies if she wants to show mercy. The game draws inspiration from RPGs such as the Earthbound series.