Detroit: Become Human would originally have 4 protagonists, the fourth being a “big-breasted” android prostitute

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    Those who have already immersed themselves in the intriguing story of Detroit: Become Human will be aware that the game has only three protagonists, Connor, Kara, and Markus, but according to new information released by the well-known Tom Henderson, Detroit: Become Human would have originally had four protagonists.

    So, where did the fourth protagonist go? This fourth protagonist, according to Tom Henderson, would be an android hooker with “large breasts” and blonde hair. However, Sony did not like the outcome since the scenarios for this character would be “heavy.” Therefore, Sony chose only three protagonists to conclude the project as quickly as possible and break all relations with Quantic Dream.

    And do you think it would be interesting for the game to include a fourth protagonist with a “heavy” story, in your opinion? Remember that the game is now on sale on Steam.

    About the game:

    Detroit: Become Human is set in 2038, a time when androids are integrated into society, whether for work, child care, or anything else a human may accomplish. In every way, they are superior to humans.

    The androids were designed to obey human commands, but as time passes, some of them begin to live their own lives, making their own decisions and so influencing the course of their lives.

    Detroit: Become Human was first published in 2018 exclusively for the PlayStation 4 before making its way to the PC in 2019.