Game News - 26 de August, 2021

Developers are nervous about Forza Horizon 5’s Events Lab mode

The Events Lab in Forza Horizon 5 offers users many of the same tools Playground Games used to create in-game events. It’s such an open-ended system that the team is concerned about what players will do with it.

“We’re really thrilled – a little bit apprehensive since you can build practically anything with it,” creative director Mike Brown told IGN at Gamescom Studio. “It’s possible to design modes that make no sense and confound everyone who enters them. But we can only hope that the game’s development methods don’t become public knowledge.”

Brown confirmed that Events Lab will be expanded in the future:

“The toolsets were used to create the game’s modes. This isn’t the end of Events Lab — the feature that players receive on Day 1 won’t be the final version. We can open it as soon as players say “Hey, it would be awesome if we could do this,” and we’ll be listening to creators throughout the Horizon 5 live program, reacting and giving them greater power.”

The new game’s scripting capabilities allow players to build tracks and modes. “It’s not quite a complete scripting common language,” says Brown, “I’d stop short of calling it that, but it’s pretty near. You build rulesets where it’s, ‘If this occurs, then this other thing happens.’ So when trigger happens, action should happen. And the combinations of these rules are almost infinite.”

Forza Horizon 5, located in Mexico, launches on November 9th, and Xbox showed off its incredible opening event, which includes being helidropped into a volcano. 

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