DLI functionality and quick switching between connected devices will be added to the Xbox Controller

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    Microsoft has some good news for its older accessories. Xbox One controllers, Xbox Elite 2 controllers, and Xbox adaptable controllers will receive a firmware update tomorrow (September 9th) for Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Xbox Insiders program members, including welcome enhancements.

    The Xbox One, Xbox Elite 2, and Xbox adaptable controller controllers will now feature Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) for reduced reaction time delay.

    Another innovative feature is the ability to swiftly switch between devices connected with the control by double-clicking the pair button on the remote, allowing you to fast go from a smartphone to a PC or vice versa. Bluetooth Low Energy support will also be enabled for available controllers. However, certain older Xbox One controllers may not receive these latter two updates due to their lack of Bluetooth. It’s worth noting that current Xbox Series controllers already feature this feature, as well as DLI technology. Microsoft has not specified a timeframe for when this update will be available to the general public. 

    Source: Theverge