Game News - 23 de August, 2021

Epic Games participation in a Google search reveals that the company is interested in “obtaining control of the videogame industry.”

The year 2021 will be filled with lawsuits and allegations involving the video game industry. One of the most prominent names in this sphere is Epic Games, which is currently involved in a legal battle with Google and Apple, and which has brought to light a number of interesting stories about the industry.

This was made possible via a process that included the creators of the Unreal Engine, Gears of War, and Fortnite, who were able to gain access to documents that contained information about Google’s ambitious plans. The paper in question, which is 70 pages long, discusses how Google wished to create a global gaming platform based on the Android operating system that would “monopolize the gaming industry,” allowing players to use their products on any device.

In reality, one of the goals set forward by Google in the paper is to become the world’s largest and most dominating provider of video games by creating a global platform that supports not just the Windows operating system, but also the Mac operating system. The document states that developers would have easier access to the Android platform, and that in order to play games, it was anticipated that a universal and inexpensive controller would be made available that was also compatible with tvs, thereby facilitating the arrival of AAA titles such as Call of Duty and FIFA.

It is likely that these plans, have evolved over time and that the Android concept has been replaced by the Google Stadia, whose failure resulted in the closure of the Stadia Games & Entertainment division, which resulted in the layoff of all 150 employees.

The Google concept is very similar to Phil Spencer’s vision for the Xbox, but the Microsoft approach appears to be less aggressive in comparison to its ambition, which is becoming a reality thanks to the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming, two services that allow you to play games regardless of whether you are using an Xbox console or a Windows 10 PC, with the Game Pass Ultimate allowing you to play on both Android and iOS devices.

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