Fallout 76 has a couple more patches coming for 2021

    This month’s reaction to Fallout Worlds in Fallout 76 has been mixed, with some players embracing the anything-goes experimental rulesets and others believing it was a terrible waste of resources (especially considering that the main servers still lack basic functions such as text chat and guilds).

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    It’s not the end of this year’s content offerings, no matter what C.A.M.P. you’re in on the subject. Bethesda stated that at least two significant updates are in the works for the remainder of 2021: a mid-sized Halloween update and a large December content release.

    “We’re presently hoping to release the first of those in October, and it will focus on bringing some spooky Halloween fun to the game, as well as a new wave of bug fixes,” the devs stated. “The second is our December Update, which will include new game content as well as a number of community-requested quality-of-life improvements.”

    Source: Fallout 76