First glimpse of Joel and Ellie on the HBO TV Series of The Last of Us is released

    We finally got a glance at Joel Millee and Ellie from HBO's The Last of Us TV Series, which is created by Sony Pictures Television in collaboration with PlayStation Productions and Naughty Dog.

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    The image does not expose their faces (since they are facing away from the camera), but we can see the costumes, backpacks, and general scenery of the image, which demonstrate the tremendous effort done in changing Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey into the beloved characters.

    Naughty Dog’s absence of significant announcements on The Last of Us Day 2021 frustrated fans. A collection of musical covers and rarities from various artists, a statue of Joel by Dark Horse, themed guitars and Taylor Guitars accessories, apparel, and a range of household items were among the announcements.

    In addition, Naughty Dog introduced a weekly photo mode contest and displayed some fan artwork and tattoos. Returning to the HBO show’s appearance, Pascal and Ramsey appear to have been pulled out of the game due to the team’s attention to detail in dress and cosmetics.

    Both are dressed in attire similar to those worn by their characters in the original game. Even the ragged backpacks studded with pins appear to have been faithfully replicated.

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