Former Ubisoft developers open studio with the aim of creating games that “respect the player’s time”

    Nesting Games is a newly formed studio founded in August that announced a partnership with publisher Digital Bros. today. The Nesting Games team is comprised of former Ubisoft developers.

    Today, Jordane Thiboust, CCO of Nesting Games and a former Assassin’s Creed developer, discussed the studio’s first project. He did, however, use the opportunity to critique Ubisoft’s gaming model.

    We want to return to developing RPGs that emphasize immersion, good characters, compelling storytelling, and solid gameplay. We’re abandoning the “huge open world” approach with its clutter of symbols in favor of experiences that are content-focused and considerate of the player’s time. Whether you spend 30 minutes or two hours playing our games, you’ll always get fascinating material and a pleasant experience.

    Jordane Thiboust’s comment highlights an issue that many gamers have raised in previous years about Ubisoft titles.