Forza Horizon 5 | New gameplay features Delorean’s return from Back to the Future movie

    Playground Games wanted to provide more diversity and possibilities this time around in order to truly empower players to develop themselves in the game.

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    Hair, hair color, prostheses, identity, and voice are all new options (yes, your character will now have a voice with speeches). While hair and hair color are extended features, dentures are completely new to the franchise.

    There are 33 replacements available with arms and legs in a range of colors, several of which resemble designs from the game world’s murals. The usage of identity pronouns is another innovative aspect of the franchise.

    The chosen pronoun will also have an impact on the gaming experience. When another player speaks to or about you, the appropriate identity will be utilized based on the player’s choice. This will also have an effect on the radio DJ, who will use the pronoun you choose to comment on your achievements throughout the game.

    Regardless of body type, players will be able to select a male or female voice to use during the game. Changing the clothing of the characters in the game now provides a greater diversity than in the previous game. Forza Horizon 5 is set in Mexico, thus Playground Games considered the weather, landscape, architecture, and clothing trends to give gamers an authentic experience.

    For example, for your chosen persona, you can select from a choice of streetwear and floral clothes. In November, users will be able to directly purchase common and uncommon clothing items, with epic and legendary pieces related to game progression.

    Horizon Stories also received enhancements. Playground Games provided players a full minute to get off the road before having to replay an event, knowing that players like to “skip the rules.” This gives daring motorcyclists the option to take as many bypasses as they want within the limits.

    In Forza Horizon 5, the feature itself expands with new gameplay types such as photo challenges and Drivatar races. Unlike the last game, the storylines will not all take place in the same locale. After completing the first chapter, all subsequent chapters will display elsewhere on the map, and players will drive to that area.

    The stories also make advantage of the “choose your own path” function, which allows riders to decide what to do after completing a chapter. Depending on which of the three events you select, it will have an immediate impact on the discussion, praise, and awards, as well as the plot for the remaining options. Players can go back and replay any chapter in the storylines at any time if they wish to explore all of the possibilities.

    Horizon Festival Playlist returns in FH5, as promised, but with some noteworthy enhancements. As is customary, each month will include fresh (and free) content that corresponds to the weekly changes of the season. Each series will feature one-of-a-kind events and new sites, each with a different theme. The first theme, “Welcome to Mexico,” will be available at launch, and will pit the Mercedes-AMG ONE against the McLaren F1.

    A revision of the progression mechanism is one of the most significant and arguably most appreciated modifications to the playlist. Horizon 5 will abandon percentage-based judgments in favor of a points-based methodology. This eliminates all of the uncertainty from the previous game’s system and provides a clear path to series prizes.

    Another difference is that The Trial is now locked behind the Hall of Fame, which you can access with an unspecified number of honors. This was done at the community’s request to reduce the annoyance of users who do not use competitive cars.

    As if that wasn’t enough, creative director Mike Brown began the Playlist segment of the stream with a surprising announcement. The DeLorean DMC-12, which was last seen in Forza Motorsport 4 in 2011, will be returning to Series 1 in the summer.

    It’s only five weeks before Forza Horizon 5 hits PC and Xbox consoles on November 9th.