Playstation News - 12 de September, 2021

Gearbox Software explains how Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ customizable heroes look

Back on the PlayStation Showcase digital stage with the first gameplay from Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Gearbox’s programmers highlight two of the title’s most significant differences from Borderlands, specifically the JRPG-style map and the presence of heroes from the customisable class.

On PCGamer’s website, creative director Matt Cox refers back to the previous film’s game sequences to offer guidance on the JRPG map and emphasize how:

“There will be chance encounters with adversaries in the game, especially if you deviate from the main path.” When you are approached by opponents, you will enter a tiny first-person fighting arena. They will feature comparable biomes, but will not be included in the bigger maps.”

Both Cox and senior producer Kayla Belmore note out that in these “JRPG-style global map” exploration-based settings, players can select for lengthier fights for more looting possibilities, with greater rarity items and weaponry.

These will be “additional phases of discovery that will drive players to explore parallel maps, with different activities and modules that are within the same Wonderlands universe, with their subplots to uncover,” according to Belmore. The statements made by Gearbox on the PlayStation Blog pages about the creation of the hero are no less intriguing.

According to the North American creators, the construction of a person’s alter identity in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will take place through the use of a multi-class system that will enable fans to mix six distinct skill branches at their leisure.

Customizing the hero will also entail selecting the most significant physical, vocal, and aesthetic traits. As a result, it will be a true paradigm change for the series.

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