Gears of War 3 completes 10 years of release

    Gears of War 3 was released on the late Xbox 360 exactly 10 years ago, completing the Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad trilogies. Gears of War 3 was the last game in the series to be developed by Epic Games, and it was led by Cliff Bleszinski.

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    Much has changed in the saga and the gaming industry since 2011. The Gears series has changed hands, with Microsoft purchasing the rights to the Epic saga and establishing The Coalition studio to continue the franchise’s heritage. After the third game, Cliff Bleszinski was replaced by Rod Fergusson, and the franchise received three more games: Gears of War: Judgment, Gears of War 4, and Gears 5.

    In some areas, the franchise has progressed, while in others, it has regressed, and it is continuously attempting to redefine itself. Gears of War served as a model for third-person shooter games produced after 2006, influencing titles such as Uncharted. Tastes have evolved, and game analysts have changed, yet we can still argue that Gears of War is relevant today.

    Let’s review Gears of War 3 by revisiting the game’s ad from the amazing Xbox 360 game.

    Gears of War 3 took the series’ graphics in a new direction, moving away from gray and brown tones and toward something more vibrant and lively. The game included a superb story as well as a rich but multiplayer mode, which provided gamers with hours and hours of entertainment at the time.

    Cliff Bleszinski, the series’ designer, used the tenth anniversary of the game to reflect on some of the events that occurred at the time. He revealed on Twitter that he was in Times Square (New York) on the day of the game’s release, waiting with the fans for the game’s arrival, so he ordered pizzas for the fans in line, a moment he remembers fondly.

    What about you, what are your memories of the game? Is he your personal favorite among the Gears? In the comments section, tell us about your gaming experiences.