Playstation News - 13 de September, 2021

GeForce NOW game list reveals the existence of GTA 3: Remastered, GTA VC: Remastered and GTA San Andreas: Remastered

This week started with everything after a big “leak”, so to speak, that a user found when “unlocking” the app from GeForce NOW gives Nvidia, which is a game streaming service.

Several PlayStation exclusive titles were discovered right away, included in the app and suggesting that they may eventually make their way to the PC via Steam, like in the case of God of War, which even has a page on GeForce NOW.

In addition, many more titles that have yet to be formally disclosed are included, including three that have been the subject of a lot of speculation recently: Grand Theft Auto 3: Remastered, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas-Remastered, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City-Remastered.

These three GTAs are highly important to gamers, and in recent months, Rockstar has removed numerous modifications for the aforementioned games, sparking concerns that it is preparing some type of announcement regarding the three titles. But, with this list of titles, the rumor only grows, and everything points to the fact that, indeed, Rockstar is working on a Remaster, and it’s just a matter of time before it’s formally revealed.

So yet, nothing on this list has been confirmed, and it’s safe to say it won’t be anytime soon. And, in your view, do you believe this list is accurate?

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