Hearth & Home | Valheim’s first major update now available

    Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio have released Hearth & Home, Valheim's first major upgrade, which includes a wealth of new content for the Norse afterlife!

    The Hearth & House update, which focuses on enhancing the base building system and survival mechanics of the critically acclaimed hardcore game with a strong co-op component, provides players even more tools to design the home of their dreams and cook a feast worthy of an Aesir.

    Although the development team has already disclosed many of the new features in Hearth & Home on Steam and social media, not even Odin has seen some of the new additions with the update, including something dark and mysterious that appears to be spreading across the plains.

    Builders and architects will undoubtedly raise a glass to the gods, since a slew of new wood and stone components will be accessible to gamers at launch. Whether it’s wooden beams and posts adorned with Viking decorations, a new style of roof and ornaments, or a stone throne for those who govern with an iron fist, Valheim’s construction system will now provide a wider range of elements to inspire players as they construct their communities.

    Valheim, which was released on Steam Early Access in February of this year, became an instant hit, with players joining together to dwell in the afterlife and battle together against the biggest beasts of Norse mythology. Valheim, a game created by just five people, sold over seven million copies in less than two months and peaked at over 500,000 concurrent players, becoming the sixth title in the platform’s history to do so. Steam.

    Valheim is now available on Steam Early Access for PC and Linux, with a 20% discount until Sunday, September 19.