“I Encourage Our Teams to Be Fiercely Daring” Says PlayStation Studios’ Boss Hermen Hulst

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    While Sony has established itself as one of the greatest publishers in the video game industry, the company has also established itself as one of the most audacious. For example, titles like as The Last of Us: Part II, Returnal, and God of War are not only creative and innovative, but they are also disruptive and daring in their approach to storytelling. Hermen Hulst, the CEO of PlayStation Studios, is responsible for ensuring that the firm maintains its level of innovation, and in an interview with Gameinformer, he stated that he “encourages our teams to be passionately bold in their choices.”

    “I believe that our teams have shown incredible bravery, and that this is true not only in terms of entire franchise pivots, but also in terms of delving into Norse mythology on God of War, the narrative structure of The Last of Us: Part II, and creating an experience that is incredibly compelling but not always comfortable for the player,” he said. “I agree with you.”

    "I Encourage Our Teams to Be Fiercely Daring" Says PlayStation Studios' Boss Hermen Hulst | Gamingnovato

    The CEO of PlayStation, Hulst, stated that his company’s mission is to “push the edge and explore the boundaries of our medium as well as the state of the art of narrative.” He continued by saying, “I believe that is the reason we do what we do with PlayStation.”

    In the next paragraphs, the author explains how Hulst’s position as managing director of Guerrilla Games, the Dutch company that transitioned from Killzone to the highly acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn, puts him in a favorable position: The fact that he has been a highly active developer, as well as understanding all of the nuances of what it takes to produce games, is really beneficial, he believes. He appears to be doing an excellent job thus far, based on Sony’s production over the previous 18 months or so.