Playstation News - 14 de September, 2021

In a new interview, it is revealed that Cory Barlog will supervise God of War Ragnarok

The fact that the game sequence, God of War Ragnarok, would be directed by someone other than our good old buddy Cory Barlog, who was responsible for the last game, may have put some God of War 2018 fans on the back foot.

However, you shouldn’t be put off by this conversation since, according to a new interview, Cory Barlog will supervise God of War Ragnarok. Who is now behind God of War Ragnarok? It’s Eric Williams, a veteran of the God of War franchise who has worked on many of the prior games.

Cory Barlog is presently the creative director of SIE Santa Monica Studio, which means he is in charge of everything that happens there, including God of War Ragnarok. Eric is described as follows by Cory Barlog:

“We’re on the same road, and I’m always trying to assist him in finding his own voice. He is the best candidate for this position.” Eric Williams answers by admitting that he needs Cory Barlog’s help, recalling that they’ve known each other since 2001 and have collaborated on many projects together.

Williams claims that he spent a significant amount of time working with Cory Barlog and that the two constantly communicated ideas; Williams even jokes that he knows what Barlog is thinking.

God of War Ragnarok is set to be released on PS4 and PS5 in 2022. 

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